Saturday, January 29, 2011

Paranormal Romance Erotic Challenge

Oh yeah this one is going to be fun! 20 books in the Paranormal Erotic Romance category.  I can so handle this (I hope).  This one is also sponsored by Bitten By Paranormal Romance.  Wish me luck!

Paranormal Romance Challenge

Bitten By Paranormal Romance is sponsoring a Paranormal Romance Challenge.

I love paranormal romance so this one should be easy for me.  The hard part, doing reviews.  I'm not very good at doing reviews.  I'm easy to entertain.  I dislike very few books that I have read.  I guess I'm just easy!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

First in a Series Challenge

I have several series sitting in my TBR pile so hopefully this will help me get some of those books read.
I'm going to try for Series Lover which is at least starting 6 series.  I only picked 6 because once I start the series I will have to finish the books that I have before I move on to the next series.  Wish me luck!

Shifter Challenge

So I haven't posted much in awhile.  I honestly don't know how some people do it.  I'm a slow reader and that is how I spend most of my time.  Whether it's reading other blogs and reviews or reading the tons of books in my TBR pile.  In hopes of decreasing my TBR pile, I'm going to try to do some reading challenges.  The first one is the Shifter Challenge, I will attempt to read 20 books in 2011 where the main character is a shifter.  I'm going to try a few other challenges.  I'll be posting those soon.  Wish me luck!