Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Been Busy

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Ok, so I haven't been doing much on my blog lately.  And while I didn't have an excuse for August, I do have a reason for September.  I turned 40 this year and as you know that means the dreaded mammogram.  So I had my very first mammogram on Sept 2nd.  This was the Friday before Labor day so they told me they would call on Tuesday if they needed additional pictures.  So on Tuesday I received the call for additional pictures.  I wasn't worried because my mom and my girlfriend have had to go back because of dense breast tissue.  So I went in on Sept 7th.  This time they look at the pictures right away and they pulled me into a room told me the wanted to biopsy the calcifications they found in the mammogram.  Ok, this is where I majorly started freaking out!  So with the help of the women in the breast center, they set me up an appointment with a surgeon.  I met with my surgeon on the 8th and he agreed with the biopsy.  On Monday the 12th I had the biopsy and would have the results by Wednesday.  My surgeon called me on Tuesday and told me that I have DCIS.  Which is the lowest level of breast cancer from what I have read online only about 5% of calcifications end up being cancerous.  Lucky me right?  So I met with the surgeon again and the next step is a lumpectomy to remove the cells.  He goes over the risks and says about 20% of the time the procedure does not get all the cells and a second lumpectomy may be needed.  He also said I would not need chemo but would wait until an oncologist looked at my results to determine if I would need radiation.  So I had my lumpectomy on Tuesday Sept. 27th.  Now we are getting closer to the present.  On Friday the 30th, my surgeon called with the results from the lumpectomy and just my luck I'm in the 20%.  So now I have to have another lumpectomy to remove more cells.  Today is 2 wks from my lumpectomy, I feel great.  I meet with my surgeon again on Thursday, where I assume I will get the stitches removed and I assume we will talk about any additional treatment I may need after my second lumpectomy.  And as for my second lumpectomy that is happening a week from Friday.  Going to NYC Comic Con this coming weekend and I don't want to miss that.

Ok, so that's my story and to all my friends who are 40 and over, get your mammograms.  Early detection is key.  If you have a family history you  may need to get checked before you are 40.