Tuesday, August 9, 2011

RomCon 2011

I had an unexpected surprise of winning 2 tickets to RomCon in Denver, CO.  So I called up my friend who lives in Denver and flew out there.  Here are a few pictures of me at RomCon.
 Shannon K. Butcher
 Jessa Slade
 Olivia Cunning with the boys from Sinners hanging on the wall 
(wish I had gotten better pictures of the posters).
 Jennifer Ashley/Allyson James
 Shayla Black
 Lacey Weatherford
 Eileen Dreyer
 Erin Kellison
The parting photo of my new friend Nikki, my friend from Jen and Jessa.

So I had a blast at RomCon, now that I am home I have to unpack and repack for AAD Philly.  I head into Philly on Thursday morning with my friend Melisssa.  I'll have more pictures later.

Happy reading!