Monday, February 28, 2011

Worth Your Weight in a ‘Gator Battle Award

Ok, so I of course waited until the last minute and finally decided to throw my name in the ring for the "Worth Your Weight" battle Gini Koch has going on.  I'm new to this series, the first 2 books arrived at my doorstep just last week and I can't wait to read them.  Anyway, I have to nominate 5 bloggers and here they are:
The “Worth Your Weight in a ‘Gator Battle Award” is only given to the wily, the brave, and the cheeky, so get down with your bad self, you’re deemed worthy to run with the A-C’s!

Now you get to spread the awesome by nominating other bloggers who would also be worth their weight in a ‘gator battle. Battling ‘gators is not for sissies or wimps -- only the strong survive -- so choose wisely! 

Click here for the rules.

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